After paying premiums for 29 years to United American Insurance for Major Medical Insurance coverage and submitting claims 2 times, I was diagnosed with Non-hoskins Lympoma in October. I was admitted to the hospital for the beginning of 8 chemotherapy treatments.

Immediatly, I began receiving claim denials from UA insurance. I contacted the company twice before I was able to get a current policy sent to my home.

This policy was unclear in benefit payout but claim denials were quick and consistant.

UA sent a letter stating they had payed the maxium benefits after paying less than $10,000 on insurance claims on my hospital stay and denial of all claims done out of the hospita. l

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Did you have a Cash Cancer Ryder? That type of plan pays only between $10,000 and $50,000 cash pay out upon being diagnosed cancer that is it depending on the amount of coverage you purchased.

The plan does specify that. I do not work for them but I am familiar with their plans.

Houston, Texas, United States #807751

I work in this industry and I would definitely suggest that you review your policy thoroughly, and it would not hurt to engage an attorney who works in medical litigation to have his/her staff review it for you to be sure they are acting legally within the limitations of your policy. IN 20 years in this industry I've only seen one plan that bad, and that was "MEGA" which is no longer with us.

I would definitely research your rights before you assume the insurance company is acting responsibly.

That's a bad assumption to make, pretty much -always.

Springfield, Tennessee, United States #695969

It is Bush's fault.

American Canyon, California, United States #598743

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I suspect that if you read your insurance contract, it will give you the limits of coverage. It would appear you have reached that limit.

That's what you have been paying for---a health insurance policy which is cheap and has low limits of coverage. You could have gotten a better insurance policy if you had been willing to pay more. To blame the insurance company is totally wrong and ***.

You get what you pay for. You do NOT have a right to free medical care, regardless what the communist in the white house says.

to nikalseyn #604245

To nikalseyn: The "communist in the white house" has NEVER said anyone has a "right'" to free medical care. Like all racists, yo have chosen to lie about his position.

What he HAS done, however, through the Affordable Care Act is ensure that you can longer be refused healthcare due to a pre-existing condition.

THe ACA also removes lifetime limits on coverage.

Please check the facts before shooting off your ignorant mouth.

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1244030

Gee, a liberal yelling "Racist!" is like children liking candy, i.e., a sure bet under any and all circumstances. Maybe nikalseyn just doesn't like his ideology or policies. Nikalseyn never brought anything racist, but you did.


Wow! I can't belive That!

What did you do to fight against That? there has to be some sort of legal action you can take, or go against their liscence, or something....I can't stand companies like that


What they are doing is illegal. I would contact an attorney immediately.

to Big Guy #980813

The person probably has a Cash Cancer Ryder on their policy. It pays between $10,000 and $50,000 depending on the amount the policy holder selected. Consumer is paid in a lump sum upon being diagnosed with cancer.

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