We love to feel like we are always covered if we get hurt. We were with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

United American Insurance Company called us with cheaper (we thought better) rates. Nothing major happened for a couple of years. Well, on our way to Miami, my wife fell down the stairs in the Miami airport and broke here foot. We thought we were covered.

After some checkups and surgery, we come to find out we owe $35K. They are now telling us there is a limit to what they can cover. Then why do you offer insurance. We don't need insurance because we have a cold and need medicine.

We need to make sure we are in good hands.

United American Insurance Company has the worst possible hands. We have now left the company and are with Aetna.

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United American has an under 65 policy with limited benefits,and a comprehensive line of 65 and over medicare supplement policies. The term Major Medical refers to under 65 policies that people rarely keep when they reach the age of 65.

The United American under 65 policy clearly states that THIS IS NOT A MAJOR MEDICAL POLICY. It looks like the policy holder never opened the policy to read it.



Not enough info. What Plan of Supplement Insurance did you combine with Medicare to limit your catastophic bills?

If you had Plan F, all bills are paid.

If not you are responsible for some balances that Medicare does not pay for. Everyone needs to know there coverage, not just their premium.

Pearl River, Louisiana, United States #232159

Not unusual at all as I am an Insurance Producer and have only sold one policy with the company and they keep pestering me to sell more; I will not.


Do your homework before buying any insurance. Read-Read-Read.Contact the Dept of Insurance in your state and ask for consumers service division. You may also file written complaint with them and they will investigate.Also, most policys have a 10 day free look provision.Meaning you can review it and return for a full refund.Anything you question of agt, have him put it in writing.Hope this info is helpful.


People tend to believe the salesperson and never bother reading their policy. So don't complaint without doing your due diligents.

I do not know which state you live in or understand you health issues.

Each state has different health insurance and some are better than other. I have found that Golden Rule is the best healthcare (individuals/small business) for the state of Nevada.


To Sarah: Your comment does not make sense. I lived in the UK while working on a project at BT.

UK has public and private hospitals. You would probably be sent to a public hospital unless you had the money to pay for your operations or illnesses. The UK has socialized medicine. It is not the better that the USA Health Insurance programs.

Now, If you feel that the UK has better healthcare. Please go to the British Consulate to apply for your UK Visa. Get ready for a BIG surprise! Liberals keep saying we should have healthcare like the UK and Canada.

I invite you to actually go there and get healthcare. Get ready for a very long waiting list. Also, wanting insurance coverage after you are diagnosed for an illness. Do you get to go buy auto insurance after you have an accident.

By the way, read the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. Get a reality check.

Salina, Kansas, United States #212526

Ummm...maybe because United American is a Supplemental Health Insurance Company and not a Full Health Provider. If your only health insurance policy is a supplemental one...then you get what you deserve. I believe it's called 'Thinning the Herd'.


I need a good insurance that covers liver cancer tumors..Just been dianosed with HCC I have no insurance and need to get one asap dont want to die just because of insurance. Only America lets u die..Wish I was born in the UK where they don't care if u have insurance.

They just treat u. America is all about money if you dont have it they'll let u die of cancer.Sad =-(


Which is the best insurance that can cover lots.

Duque De Caxias, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil #206439

I have United American Insurance now and think it is wonderful. I had an allergic reaction to some medicine and almost died.

I was in the hospital for a week and they paid everything. But with Aetna they are just the opposite.

I think different insurances are different since each state has their own laws regarding insurance. I am sorry you had such a rotten visit to Miami.


AETNA is just as bad if not worst....find another insurance company

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